Ph.D. in Software and Systems


The doctoral degree programme is composed of a taught period and a research period.

Taught Period

The taught period is associated with the Master in Software and Systems. Depending on their degree and curriculum vitae, students shall have to earn up to a maximum of 60 ECTS credits. Instruction is divided into modules and further into course units:

Modules Course Units
  • Software Engineering
  • Analysis and Verification
  • Networked Services and Distributed Systems
  • Data and Information Analysis and Processing
  • Virtual Environments and Interaction
Scientific Research and Advanced Topics
  • Scientific Research and Advanced Topics

Research Period

The research period involves the completion of the PhD thesis addressing a research line associated with any of the more than ten research groups of which the programme academic personnel are members.

During the research period, students completing their PhD thesis shall have to pay an annual academic fee in the official enrolment period.

Research students shall have to prepare an annual report concerning the progress and the most significant interim results of their PhD thesis research. Annual reports shall be submitted during the second semester of each academic year.