Ph.D. in Software and Systems


As the PhD in Software and Systems programme is being phased out, tuition is no longer offered. However, as the very same programme seminars are offered as part of the Master in Software and Systems programme, students may attend any of the seminars offered by the master’s programme which are listed on the master’s programme seminars page.

The Master in Software and Systems Academic Policy Committee will put together the list of seminars every academic year. This policy is designed to assure that students have an open choice of cutting-edge topics and to tailor the Master's degree contents to the current educational needs of the market and state-of-the-art technology. These seminars will be taught by reputed specialists in particular topics, guest lecturers from both national and international higher education institutions, as well as, occasionally, from companies conducting research. The seminars will deal with specific topics within the Master's specialized area of knowledge.

Students intending to attend a seminar shall have to register by emailing Alicia Andrés and stating their name and the seminar for which they would like to register no later than 5 days before the seminar is scheduled to start.